Oscar's Proposal to Leticia

A bit about the proposal: 

Oscar and I created a couples scavenger hunt set in the beautiful Treasury Gardens in Melbourne. This hunt was a race to the end, or at least that's what Leticia thought! We hired "staff" to conduct and over-see the hunt. We hid cards with instructions, as well as sealed cards for her to collect and read at the end. Leticia ran the race on her own completing all the tasks and collecting all the cards along the way.

While reading the cards at the end, music begun to play (Bruno Mars -Just The Way You Are). Oscar, hiding and waiting for the perfect moment, came out, dressed like Bruno, singing along to the song. Roses and with a ring in his hand he signalled his future parents-in-law to bring baby Magda in. Magda is Oscar and Leticias 9month old daughter. Magda was sitting in her pram, wearing a sign that said "Mummy, will you marry my Daddy?"

Just as the song finished, Oscar got down on one knee and asked "will you marry me?" While moving the ring onto the correct hand and finger, Leticia said "yes!".

Being such a beautiful and sunny day in Melbourne, there were many people enjoying their day at the park. The proposal gathered the attention and hearts of all who surrounded. As Oscar and Leticia had their first kiss as an engaged couple, the crowd applauded and couldn't help to capture the beautiful moment they witnessed.